Epicenter invites you to submit up to two (2) recipes with personal &/or cultural significance for “Homemade”, a neighborhood cookbook & food tasting festival centered around the recipes & stories of East Lawrence, Kansas. Recipes submitted could reflect what you or your family cook most frequently &/or for special occasions. If the recipe has a corresponding story you’d like to share, please include this in the story section of the submission form.

Stories are optional & may include the recipe’s origin, where the recipe’s ingredients are sourced or purchased, when the recipe is typically made (i.e. a particular holiday or occasion), how you learned the recipe, who the recipe reminds you of, expand more about a particular ingredient or preparation step, & more.

If you have questions regarding the recipe submission process, please contact our team at We would be happy to assist you! A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided during submission. Prior to publication, we will confirm the submission’s content for accuracy & modifications. If we don’t receive a reply, we will assume the entered information is correct & needs no further review or changes.

Funded by a Rebuilding East Ninth Street Project grant, “Homemade” is one of many wonderful projects happening with this grant.