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Credits to its origins, family stories, when the dish is typically made, details about where to source ingredients, & more! What you believe is important to know about this recipe &/or what you cherish about it.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the criteria for inclusion in the printed cookbook?

Our goal is to include as many of the submitted recipes as possible. All submitted recipes will be included in our electronic, online version of the cookbook.

 In the event we have duplicates or recipes that are very similar to one another, we may choose one or the other for the printed version. We plan to host a curated variety in the printed cookbook to match industry standards. We are professionally designing & writing this cookbook for East Lawrence, for a quality representation of our local food & stories.

We also hope to highlight the various cultures, identities, backgrounds & stories of our residents. Some of the selection process for the printed version of the cookbook may relate to ensuring we provide adequate representation of our community.

Why are 2 recipes per submission the limit?

We understand how difficult it may be to choose between cherished &/or delicious recipes. We also understand that some of the recipes submitted may be original while another recipe might be from a grandparent, a restaurant you worked at, or another source. By allowing up to 2 recipe submissions, we’re leaving room for folks to reference the chefs & cooks that taught them. For multicultural folks, this helps alleviate the pressure of choosing one culture’s recipe over another. This is also a fun way to include kids if you’d like them to submit a recipe along with yours! There are many reasons why allowing more than one (1) recipe submission is important.

Why do you ask for personally or culturally significant recipes?

We’re operating on an arts-based grant & our focus is East Lawrence. To give the cookbook an East Lawrence spin & set it apart from other cookbooks on the market, we needed to create a loose outline of the types of recipes we seek to include. Rather than limit residents to certain types of cuisine, origins of recipes, etc., we simply ask which recipes hold the most significance to the recipe holders. We hope for a product that is part cookbook, part storybook, filled with local history & context for the present. Each recipe holder decides what is personally &/or culturally significant to them. What recipe(s) do you find yourself making often? What do you prepare for special occasions? Please feel free to include your answers to these questions in the story section of the recipe submission form.